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10 Halloween Music Activities | 9 Games, 1 Music Escape Room

Are you looking for Halloween music games and worksheets to test your students' musical knowledge? These Halloween Music Activities are for you! 


Included in the digital download: 


9 Music Games
These games are also available as single games) 

- Boongo!
A Halloween take on Bingo, using piano notes, treble clef, and bass clef note reading


- Halloween Race (Chords)
Navigate your way through the spooky maze by identifying major chords and referring to the chords/space grid to know how to move 


- Musical Magic
Add piano note, treble clef note, and bass clef note potions to the correct letter cauldrons


- Pumpkins and Spiders
A Halloween version of Snakes and Ladders, players climb up the pumpkin tower and slide down the cobwebs, answering piano note question cards to move around the board. 


- Spiders and Cobwebs
A simple game of covering up letters on cobwebs, but only when certain notes are read


- Spooky Steps
A racing game that takes place on a spooky staircase, moving up or down steps or skips, depending on the interval on the question cards


- Time for Magic
Win cauldrons by being the person to add the final beat potion to the time signature cauldron


- Trick or Treat
Move from house to house to collect Halloween treats by answering note value question cards


- Trick!
A simple pairing game with a twist. Players see if they can find pairs by matching up piano notes, treble clef notes, bass clef notes, and letters. But watch out - if you pick up a TRICK card, all the cards get mixed around! 


Halloween Escape Room: Potion To Save Music

(This Escape Room is only available in this bundle)


'Potion To Save Music' is a musical puzzle adventure where students use their musical knowledge to work out the ingredients needed for a motion to save music. 


The evil witch, Griselda, has decided her singing should be the only music allowed in the world, and has come up with a potion to stop anyone else learning or playing anything. She's given us the chance to save music by giving us the potion ingredients, but some words are missing - can we fill them in and save music?! 


There are seven fun puzzle worksheets, each testing a different element of your students' musical knowledge:

- Symbol and terminology matching

- True or false musical facts

- Sheet music analysis (including note recognition)

- Drawing symbols

- Matching rhythms to words

- Note values

- Names of symbols


(Both American Terminology version and English Terminology version included. Answers also included!)


10 Halloween Music Activities | 9 Games, 1 Music Escape Room


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