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Royal Party | Note Values and Finger Numbers

Add some royal flair to your studio with this fun British-themed game testing beginner students' knowledge of note values and finger numbers. 

- Colourful board 
- Instructions 
- Note Value Question Cards 
- Finger Number Question Cards 

- Players take it in turns to identify the number of beats on a card / the number of the finger wearing a crown in order to know how many spaces to move 
- Refer to the instructions to know what the different picture spaces mean (some are good, but some you definitely want to avoid!) 
- The player who reaches the Queen first and wishes her a Happy Jubilee is crowned the winner! 

Royal Party | Note Values and Finger Numbers

  • You are welcome to use this resource with as many students in your studio as you'd like (even if you're a multi-teacher studio)

    You're also welcome to email the PDFs to students for them to use at home.

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    Thank You! 

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