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Moosic On The Farm | Bundle of 3 Games

Reinforce your students' understanding of the 9 notes around middle C (Bass Clef F to Treble Clef G) with this fun bundle of 3 farm themed music games! 


- Gotta Get Moooving

In this game, players are cows racing to get from their barn to the middle of the farm. In order to know how many spaces to move, players identify the note on the card,refer to the piano grid and read the number on the key. Watch out for scarecrows who'll make you miss a turn, but try and catch a lift with the tractor for another turn! 

- Moosic Bingo
The aim of this game is to fill your field with cow moosicians! Players take it in turns to identify the note on the card and see if they have the matching letter in their field. Only one cow can moove into the field per turn (they're divas like that) 
Whoever has a field full of moosicians first is the winner!

- That's Eggs-cellent 

In this game, players are moving up and down the piano (by identifying the stave note on the question card) and collecting eggs for their basket. Watch out for the piano keys that will take eggs away from you! The player with the most eggs at the end of the game is the winner! 

Each game download includes:

- Instructions 
- Colourful boards
- Tokens 
- Question cards (you can use the same question cards for each game if you'd like) 
- Playing pieces to print, cut, and fold 

Moosic On The Farm | Bundle of 3 Games


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