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Musical Nutcracker | Basic Note Values Game

Are you looking for a fun and festive way to test your students' knowledge of note values AND get them to practice their recital piece? Check out 'Musical Nutcracker'! 


Players move around the board by identifying the number of beats on the question card, hoping to land on a walnut space. 

In order to add a walnut to their collection they must first play their piece / section of their piece (teacher's discretion as to what they need to play). 

First player to collect 10 walnuts (or a lower number if you want a quicker game) is the winner! 



- Instructions for how to play 'Musical Nutcracker' 

- Colourful board 

- 14 question cards (ranging from semibreve/whole note and semibreve rest/whole rest, to crotchet/quarter note and crotchet rest/quarter rest) 
- Walnut tokens 
- Musical Nutcracker Walnut Board

- Playing pieces to print, cut, and fold 



Musical Nutcracker | Basic Note Values Game


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