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I'm Georgina, a piano teacher in a little countryside

English village. 

I've been teaching for around 12 years and I love creating fun games and resources for teachers and students around the world. 

I'm a firm believer that students learn best when they're having fun - a smile and a giggle always go a long way!

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Do you love teaching the piano to children?

Do you love their little smiling faces when they play something they think sounds cool?

Do you love it when they get excited about learning something new?

Do you love seeing the world of music through their eyes?

BUT do you also think it can be difficult? 

Trying to get kids to stay focused and engaged is hard

Trying to motivate a wiggly seven year old to sit and listen can be an uphill battle. 

A 30-minute lesson can feel endless

That's when Busy Little Turtle's resources come in handy!

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"All of Georgina's games are well thought out and super kid friendly. A couple of minutes at the end of each lesson to target a weak area is all we need and these games are perfect for that"


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