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Gnome for Christmas Bundle

Put your students' musical knowledge to the test with these adorable gnome themed Christmas music games! 


(This bundle is also included in the Christmas Bumper Pack!) 



These worksheets see your students using their knowledge of note and rest values, note reading abilities and coordination skills. 



Players race around the board by answering finger number question cards, collecting candy canes as they go. Player with the most candy canes at the end is the winner!


Gnorell has lots of Christmas phrases for us, and he wants to see who can collect the rhythms the match the phrases  the quickest! Players race around the board and clap the rhythms on the spaces they land on. If the rhythm matches one of their Christmas phrases they cover it up with a Gnorell token. First to cover up all their Christmas phrases is the winner! 



The delivery gnome has got four more presents to deliver before he can relax with a nice mug of hot chocolate. Help him deliver his presents - first to deliver all four is the winner! 
Players move around the board by answering note value question cards, aiming to land on gnome houses to drop off the gifts. 



Take a musical Christmas gnome adventure in this snakes and ladders style game. Players take it in turns to identify notes (piano notes, treble clef, and bass clef) on the question cards to know which letter space to move to. Watch out for the spaces that will make you fall down, and try and land on the spaces that'll let you climb up! 


Each game includes...

- Instructions for how to play 

- Colourful board 

- Question cards 

- Two of the games include gnome playing pieces to print, cut, and fold (these characters can be used in the other two games as well!) 


Gnome for Christmas Bundle


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