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Music Escape Room Bundle

Are you looking for a Music Escape Room to test your students' musical knowledge? 

This Music Escape Room Pack is for you!

Included in the digital download:

Six Music Escape Room Puzzle Worksheets*

- Room One
Music maths with a difference - students are asked questions such as 'the number of different letters in the music alphabet add the number of different clefs used when playing the piano' 

There are three different level worksheets for Room One (each worksheet has the same answer) so you can choose which worksheet best suits your individual students 

- Room Two
Students are tasked with note reading, colouring in certain notes in each grid to work out the pattern for the passcode 

- Room Three
A musical crossword, with certain letters highlighted with different colours. 

Again, there are three levels for this room, so you can choose accordingly. 

Room Four
Some more music maths, but this time each stave (or piano) note represents a number. Work out the notes to work out the numbers for the sums. 

- Room Five
Work out the notes on the stave and then find those words in the word search. The catch? One word can't be found - this is the one needed for the passcode.

- Room Six
A jumble of symbols (some correct and some incorrect) and four questions to answer. Questions include things like 'the number of correct staves add the number of correct single eighth notes' 

Detective Cards
Each student can have a Detective Card to mark their progression through the rooms

On The Beat Game
A rhythmic Bingo style game, where players cover up rhythms on their noticeboards by matching them to detective style phrases. There are multiple different ways of playing this game - instructions are included in the file.

Musical WhoDunnit*
Three cases for your students to solve using a musical grid. Students follow a pathway through the symbols on the grid to arrive at certain letters that spell out the answers to the cases. A blank case is also included for you and your students to create your own stories.

Detective Steps 

A Snakes and Ladders style game themed with detectives that tests your students' note reading skills (piano keys, treble clef, bass clef) 


*American and English terminologies included.

Also included:
Link to an Interactive Passcode Checker. This enables your students to enter their passcodes to see if they're correct and can open the door!

Music Escape Room Bundle


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