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The Land of Yum (Music Games,Worksheets, Puzzles, Pieces)

Are you looking to test your late beginner students' music theory knowledge in a quirky and fun way that's guaranteed to put a smile on their faces?
Check out ‘Land of Yum’!

Take a trip to the Land Of Yum with this bundle of music games, worksheets, theory puzzles, composition activity, and pieces.

  • Meet some rather interesting characters along your way, and help them out with little musical tasks (worksheets and games)

  • Become a music detective and find the Culinary Criminals who stole the Cuisine d’Erb from King Onion! (theory puzzles)

  • Compose a song for The Land Of Yum! (composition activity)

  • Play the songs that represent the different characters (pieces)



  • Mr Peas and Mrs Cheese are next door neighbours, and things are always getting mixed up!

  • Captain Veg. Tubble is an intrepid explorer who is setting sail to search for treasure

  • The Sausage Brownie Queen is behind all the weird and wonderful food creations on The Land Of Yum

  • The Apple Juggler of Fuji is known through the land for being an expert apple juggler

  • Lord Crunchy Carroton is infamous for his refined sense of style

  • King Onion is the leader of The Land of Yum, and his most prized possession is The Cuisine d’Erb

  • Culinary Criminals are an evil gang who have stolen The Cuisine d’Erb



  • Finger numbers

  • Piano notes

  • Treble clef note reading

  • Bass clef note reading

  • Ledger lines

  • Note and rest values

  • Rhythms

  • Drawing notes

  • Steps and skips (2nds and 3rds)

  • Composing


Read more about The Land of Yum here!

The Land of Yum (Music Games,Worksheets, Puzzles, Pieces)

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