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Turkey Rhythms | Thanksgiving Rhythm Game

Looking for a quick and simple rhythm game to play with your beginner students this Thanksgiving? 
Check out Turkey Rhythms! 

This game uses cute and amusing Thanksgiving themed phrases, and sees players testing their rhythmic knowledge as they race around the board to try and collect the rhythm cards that match their words. 

You've got the card that says "Wobble 'til you gobble"? Then you need two eighth notes, a quarter note, another quarter note, and then two more eighth notes to complete your rhythmic phrase! We're all about those syllables! 

Players make their way around the turkey board through the use of question cards. They identify whether notes are a step or a skip apart, and then move accordingly.

Included in the digital download:
- Instructions 
- Turkey Rhythms board
- Six phrase boards 
- Rhythm cards (half notes, quarter notes, 2 eighth notes) 
- Two sheets of skips and steps question cards 

Turkey Rhythms | Thanksgiving Rhythm Game


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