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Walking With Sloths | Note Names and Values Game

Practice understanding of note names and values and encourage students to play their piece over and over with this fun slow-paced game! 


We all have those students who only want to play something once and then move on (even though they definitely need to play it a few more times to get it under their belt). Or even more frustrating, when a student just can't be bothered to play anything at all! This game will (hopefully!) help encourage them to play again and again (it's funny what kids will do if they think it'll help them win a game!) 

'Walking with Sloths' sees players identifying note values to know how many spaces to move around the board. BUT there's a catch.


The winner of the game is not who reaches the Finish space first. The first person to reach the end is in fact the loser. 


Players follow the instructions on the board that tell them to move backwards spaces, miss a turn (or the frustrating 'have an extra turn'), but there are some special spaces that give the player a choice: either move forwards the number of spaces indicated OR move backwards five spaces IF they play the piece they're working on (or a piece from their book, or even an improvised piece). 


- Instructions for How To Play Walking With Sloths 

- Colourful board 

- Playing pieces to print, cut, and fold 

- 8 note value symbol cards 

- 8 note name cards (American terminology) 

- 8 note name cards (English terminology) 

Walking With Sloths | Note Names and Values Game


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