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3 Eggs in a Row (Pen & Paper Games)

Put your piano students' theory knowledge to the test with this bundle of "3 in a Row" music games. 



These games are easy to prep - print, grab a dice and two coloured pencils, and you're ready to go! 


The gameplay is easy, too!


1. Players decide on their colour. 
2. They roll the dice. 
3. Each number represents a certain note/ key signature/ dynamic/ chord inversion/ note value. 

4. They draw an egg on a square containing the matching note/symbol. 

5. Play continues until one player has three eggs in a row and is therefore, the winner (or it's impossible for any player to achieve three in a row, and the game ends in a draw) 


If you laminate the sheets, you can use a whiteboard pen and erase the markings to reuse. 



- Instructions for how to use 

- 8 games: two key signature games (flats and sharps), treble clef, bass clef, piano keys, dynamics, note values, chord inversions 

3 Eggs in a Row (Pen & Paper Games)


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