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Easter Dice (C-G Positions)

Reinforce your students' understanding of different positions with this Easter-themed music game. 



These games are easy to prep - print, grab a dice and two pencils, and you're ready to go!


The gameplay is also easy:

1. Player 1 rolls the dice.

2. Each number represents a different note (or a free choice).

3. They work out the note, find an Easter shape with the matching letter, and colour it in.

4. Play continues until one player has coloured in all their Easter shapes and is therefore the winner!

If you laminate the board you can use whiteboard pens and wipe off the markings ready for another player to use.



Five different games: C position, D position, E position, F position, G position. 


Each game has a treble clef board, a bass clef board, and a piano keys board. There are also three empty boards in each game for students to draw the notes on. 


(So that's five different games, each containing six variations! Bargain!) 


Easter Dice (C-G Positions)


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