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March Hare's Cake Time

This fun hare-themed music game will test your piano students' understanding of time signatures!


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The aim is to be the first player to fill up your plates. 

The first player picks up a rhythm card and identifies the missing number from the time signatures.


They cover up that many plates on their board (e.g. if the missing number was 2 they cover up 2 plates) 


BUT (there’s always a catch in March Hare games - he’s a bit unpredictable!) 


If a player covers up a march hare, they must STOP and follow the instructions on their march hare page.

These instructions tell the player to work out a missing word in a sentence and play that word on the piano (e.g. if the missing word is ‘egg’ they play an E, a G and a G) 


Whoever covers up all their plates the quickest is the winner!



  • Instructions for how to play ‘March Hare’s Cake Time’

  • Two colourful boards 

  • Two less-colourful boards (printer-friendly) 

  • Rhythm question cards 

  • Cake tokens (but you can omit these and use your own) 

  • Two pages of march hare instructions (and pages of answers)

March Hare's Cake Time


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