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Park Walk | Note Reading, Rhythms, Improv, Note Values Game

Sometimes students just aren't feeling it, and you need to turn the entire lesson into a one big music game. 'Park Walk' contains multiple musical elements: note reading, note values, rhythms, and improvisation. This isn't a quick game! 



Players race around the board by identifying the number of beats on the question cards, trying to reach the corners and collect the items they need for their walk in the park:

To collect their umbrella, they choose a note reading card and read the entire sentence (filling in the missing words by note reading) 

To collect their boots, they listen to the teacher clapping a rhythm from one of the cards. They work out which rhythmic question was clapped and find and clap the rhythmic answer. 

To collect their hot chocolate, they choose a title card and improvise a short melody that matches the title. 


Alternatively, instead of these activities, you can have the student play their piece / whatever they're working on in order to collect the item! 


- Instructions for How To Play Park Walk

- Colourful board 

- 16 note value question cards 

- 4 rhythmic questions and 4 rhythmic answers 

- 4 note reading sentence cards 

- 4 title cards 

- Item token cards 

Park Walk | Note Reading, Rhythms, Improv, Note Values Game


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