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A THANK YOU! To All Piano Teachers

What for?


Well, let me answer that with a little story.


Yesterday, my student Millie had a realization.


“If someone hadn’t taught music to Taylor Swift, I wouldn’t be learning her song right now.

If someone hadn’t taught you music, I wouldn’t be learning anything right now.

What would I be doing?

Can you even imagine a world without Taylor Swift?”


Even if you don’t like Taylor Swift yourself, you get the sentiment.


Your students are inspired by you.


They’re also inspired by singers and bands.


And those singers and bands were inspired by their childhood music teachers.


Without those teachers, they probably wouldn’t be where they are.


Any of you reading this could be inspiring the next Taylor Swift, or Elton John.


And you don’t even know it.


But even if none of your students become the next big thing and inspire millions of fans worldwide, you’re still making a difference in the world.

Maybe one of your students will become a music teacher and inspire another generation of musicians.


Maybe one of them will volunteer to play the piano at a care home and lighten up the residents’ weeks.


Maybe you’ll inspire a student to express their feelings through music rather than violence.


On behalf of the world:


Thank you.


Thank you for inspiring your students and making a difference (no matter how big or small) in the world.

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