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"Halloween in Slothland" Bundle In-depth Look

Updated: Jan 19

Students LOVE Halloween (okay, not alllll of them, but a lot of them do!) and the lead up to Halloween is the perfect time for reinforcing their music theory knowledge in weird, wonderful, and spooky ways.

Halloween in Slothland

"Halloween in Slothland" is a bundle perfect for younger beginners who may not want full-on Halloween, but rather cute Halloween (I think some people refer to this as 'spoopy')

What's Included In The Bundle?

As you may have noticed if you've seen my shop, I love a good bundle and a theme that immerses students, and 'Halloween in Slothland' is no different!

In this bundle, you get:

  • HALLOWEEN IN SLOTHLAND ESCAPE ROOM (four theory worksheets that, when completed, will reveal which sloth (or sloths) stole the big bowl of Halloween treats)




  • WORKSHEETS (Note Reading)

  • INCENTIVE SHEETS (And suggestions for how to use)

In More Detail...

Halloween In Slothland Escape Room Style Puzzle

I find my students are more interested in theory worksheets if there's an end goal, so I

tend to tie them all together with a storyline and a puzzle they're trying to figure out. 'Halloween in Slothland' sees students trying to work out which sloth (or sloths) stole the big bowl of Halloween treats by completing worksheets that cover finger numbers and piano notes, note reading, note values, and rhythms.

Halloween Rhythms in Slothland

Rhythms are always fun, but they've even more fun with sloths and Halloween candy! There are several ways you can use this game:

- Create a rhythm on a sloth board and have your student place down the correct time signature card

- Place a time signature card down and have your student create a rhythm with that number of beats

- Create three different rhythms on the three different boards, clap one and have your student tell you which one you chose - Give your student a phrase (for example 'spooky ghosts say boo!') and have them create a rhythm that matches the phrase

I'm sure you can come up with even more ways to use this game!

Trick Or Treating in Slothland

This is a a Slothy version of the single game Trick or Treat.

Students answer note value cards in order to move around the board, hoping to land on haunted houses to collect Halloween treats. Each house gives out a different number of Halloween treats (find the note or rest on the house to know how many treats they'll give you!)

Halloween Race in Slothland

This is a Slothy version of the single game Halloween Race.

Students identify notes on question cards and refer to the grid to know how many spaces to move. First to navigate their way through the maze of Halloween sloths is the winner!


Sometimes students need some standalone worksheets (not part of a puzzle adventure) and for those we have 'Gimme My Treats' - a collection of sloths who want to be given their correct treat (but you only know who gets what by reading the notes!)

Incentive Sheets

I thought this was a perfect opportunity to provide students with a Halloween Sloth incentive (and the best thing is that it can be tailored to your studio!)

Each student is allocated a Halloween Sloth character (and they're all adorable!!) and their name is written on the sheet. Decide on your rules for how a student wins a pumpkin. This can be anything like...

'Play your piece with the correct dynamics' 'Clap the rhythm of a new piece'

'Sit still for the whole lesson'

'Finish a book'

'Practice three days in a row'

Absolutely anything you want to encourage your students to do (and this can even change for each student - if you have a student who always forgets their music, they can win a pumpkin when they remember their music!) To mark pumpkins that have been won, students can draw on faces, colour them in, or you can stick a pin in (or a magnetic pin if you're displaying them on a board).

Again, rewards can be tailored to your studio! You could have things like...

- First student to 10 pumpkins wins a prize

- When you reach 5 pumpkins we play a game of your choice

- When you reach 15 pumpkins you get to request a piece

Absolutely anything that you think will encourage your students!

In A Nutshell...

'Halloween in Slothland' is a super fun Halloween inspired bundle of a puzzle adventure, three games, worksheets, and incentive programme that's perfect for young beginners who want to join in the Halloween fun, but with nothing *too* spooky!

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