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Music Theory Made Fun with The Land of Yum

Updated: Sep 13, 2022

I'm sure you have students who absolutely drag their feet when it comes to practicing their theory knowledge.

They just want to be able to PLAY EVERYTHING ON THE PIANO RIGHT NOW, and no matter how many times you try and explain that playing pieces will be so much easier with speedier note reading skills, with a better understanding of rhythm, and a good knowledge of how many beats everything is worth, they still moan and groan when it comes to theory.

That's when The Land of Yum comes in handy! Students will willingly practice their theory if they don't *think* that's what they're doing. If they think they're just playing a fun game, or working out a puzzle to progress along a quirky storyline, they will quickly read notes and happily work out rhythms!

But what is The Land Of Yum?

The Land of Yum is a bundle of music resources that test your late beginners' music theory knowledge:

  • 6 Music Games

  • 5 Worksheets

  • Puzzle Adventure (5 worksheets)

  • 1 Composition Activity

  • 5 Pieces

The Land of Yum is also a wondrous land where all the inhabitants are food. They each have their own quirky personalities and problems that we need to help them with. And let me tell you, students will LOVE meeting all the different characters and giving them their backstories and deciding who their favourites are.

King Onion

Music Game

King's Onion most prized possession, The Cuisine d'Erb, was stolen by the Culinary Criminals. They hid it in their creepy cave, and it's up to you to bring it back to King Onion. Navigate your way by identifying steps and skips, but try and avoid the traps set by the CC!

Puzzle Adventure

We know that The Cuisine d'Erb was stolen by the Culinary Criminals, but we're not entirely sure who the Culinary Criminals are. We have a list of suspects, and each puzzle will reveal one member of the gang so they can be caught and put behind bars!

Mr Peas and Mrs Cheese

Music Game

In this racing game, players take on the role of either Mr Peas or Mrs Cheese, the next door neighbours who have a love/hate relationship.

By answering note reading questions (treble clef for Mr Peas and bass clef for Mrs Cheese) players race to be the first to reach their house.


Mr Peas and Mrs Cheese have written a song, but they need help piecing it together. By pairing up the words with the rhythms, you can help them construct their song.

Puzzle Adventure

Being next door neighbours, Mr Peas and Mrs Cheese's post sometimes gets muddled up. Work out who needs which post by reading treble clef and bass clef notes)

Captain Veg. Tubble

Music Game

Players sail the sea with Captain Veg. Tubble in this game, identifying the number of beats on the question cards to know how many spaces to move. Land on coin spaces to add treasure to your collection, but watch out for the creatures on your journey who will steal your gold (how much gold they steal is determined by the finger numbers on the spaces)


Captain Veg. Tubble has collected a lot of treasure, but how much exactly? Work out the amounts of treasure by identifying the number of beats.

Puzzle Adventure

The Yummians back on land are wondering where Captain Veg. Tubble has ended up on his journey. Track his journey by identifying note values to work out his end location.

The Apple Juggler of Fuji

Music Game

The Apple Juggler loves juggling different rhythms, but sometimes he needs help coming up with different patterns!


The Apple Juggler hasn't always been an expert juggler! Follow the instructions to move up and down steps and skips to work out how long it took him to perfect his skill!

Puzzle Adventure

Even though the Apple Juggler of Fuji is known to be an amazing juggler, some times that really isn't the case. Following the instructions to work out which finger is on certain notes, you will reveal how many times in a week the Apple Juggler drops his juggling balls.

The Sausage Brownie Queen

Music Game

The Sausage Brownie Queen is always on the lookout for new food creations. Follow your teacher's instructions to create new recipes by matching up notes in treble clef and bass clef.


Sometimes the Sausage Brownie Queen serves normal food, but she likes to advertise it in a musical way. Help her write the food out by drawing notes on the staves.

Puzzle Adventure

The Sausage Brownie Queen has created some new meals, and needs help working out the rhythms of each meal.

Lord Crunchy Carroton

Music Game

Lord Crunchy Carroton is having a fancy family gathering - but they can only attend once their ledger line note has been identified.


Lord Crunchy Carroton has been shopping for some new fancy threads, but they're not quite up to his standard. The note and note value next to each item determines his desired pattern and colour.

Puzzle Adventure

The family of Lord Crunchy Carroton is needing to look as fancy as the main man, but he has given them strict instructions regarding note values, notes, and clefs.

How Can I Use This?

Well, I'm a big believer that there's no one-size-fits-all approach to teaching, so I don't have an exact answer to give you. What works for one studio, might not work for another studio. I can, however, tell you how I used it in the hope it inspires you!

The Land of Yum spanned six weeks of lessons. Each lesson we would:

- Play a character's piece

- Complete the character's puzzle adventure worksheet

- Play the character's game

- Set the character's worksheet as homework (as well as practice the piece learnt in the lesson)

The sixth lesson we completed the composition activity, played through favourite character pieces, and played King Onion's game (and any other game if we had time!)

If your students are working on other pieces, you can omit the pieces in this bundle and simply use the worksheets and games from the bundle. If you don't want all your students to have two sets of worksheets, you can omit the puzzle adventure, or the stand alone sheets. Basically, you can pick and choose what you'd like to use and you're free to use this bundle with as many students as you'd like!

If you have any questions, feel free to send me a message and I'll do my best to help!

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