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The March Hare's Dance Party

This fun hare-themed music game will test your piano students' rhythm skills!


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The aim is to be the player with the most tokens on the board at the end of the game. 


The first player picks up the first rhythm card (making sure the other player doesn’t see it) and claps it to the other player. The second player finds the matching rhythm on the board and covers it up with one of their tokens.


The players then swap roles - the second player claps the rhythm on the next card to the first player.


They find the matching rhythm and cover it up.

BUT (there’s always a catch in march hare games - he’s unpredictable!) 


If the rhythm has already been covered up by the other player, they remove their token and replace it with one of their own. 


The game continues until all rhythms have been covered up. The player with the most tokens on the board is the winner!


In amongst the rhythm cards are march hare cards that tell players to ‘start again’ (remove all the tokens off the board), or remove a red token or a blue token. 




  • Instructions for how to play ‘March Hare’s Dance Party’

  • One colourful board 

  • One less-colourful board (printer-friendly) 

  • Rhythm question cards 

  • Word question cards

  • March hare tokens (but you can omit these and use your own)

The March Hare's Dance Party


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