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The March Hare's Tea Party (Tones & Semitones)

This fun hare-themed music game will test your piano students' understanding of tones and semitones (steps and half steps)!


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You’ve been invited to the March hare’s tea party! Expect the unexpected! 


Each player is trying to race around the table as quickly as possible.


On your turn, pick up a question card and identify the interval:
A semitone = move one plate
A tone = move two plates

BUT (there’s always a catch in the March Hare games - he’s very unpredictable) 


Among the question cards are chance cards. These cards will cause you to miss a turn, swap places, or follow a musical instruction and move forwards extra plates. 


The player who reaches the end the first is the winner!



  • Instructions for how to play ‘March Hare’s Tea Party’

  • One colourful board

  • One less colourful board (printer-friendly)

  • Two pages of semitones and tones on piano keyboards

  • Two pages of semitones and tones on staves

  • Two pages of chance cards 

The March Hare's Tea Party (Tones & Semitones)


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