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4th July Picnic

Celebrate the 4th July in your piano studio with this fun music games that tests beginner students' knowledge of note values. 


Players race around the picnic table by identifying the number of beats on the question cards. The player who collects the most cupcakes (watch out for the cheeky cats who want to steal them!) is the winner! 



  • Instructions for How To Play 4th July Picnic 
  • Colourful board
  • Cupcake tokens
  • Question Cards featuring semibreve/whole note, dotted minim/dotted half note, minim/half note, crotchet/quarter note, 2 quavers/2 eighth notes, 4 semiquavers/4 sixteenth notes
  • Playing pieces to print, cut, and fold 

4th July Picnic

  • You are welcome to use this resource with as many students in your studio as you'd like (even if you're a multi-teacher studio)

    You're also welcome to email the PDFs to students for them to use at home.

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    Thank You! 

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