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Escape the Haunted House | Music Escape Room, 3 Games, Incentive Sheets + More!

Are you wanting to celebrate Halloween in your studio with older and more advanced students? Check out this ‘Escape The Haunted House’ bundle!



  • ‘Escape the Haunted House’ (5 puzzle theory worksheets)

  • 3 Music games (testing ledger lines, major chords, and intervals) 

  • Composition activity

  • Incentive character sheets (and suggestions for how to use) 

  • Ghost character playing pieces to print, cut and fold 



It’s Hallow’s Eve and you and a few friends have decided to explore the abandoned house that’s rumored to be haunted by the ghost of old musician Ludwig Bachington who disappeared mysteriously on 31st October 1881. You get separated from the rest of the group and find yourself locked in a strange room. With no phone on you, and no way your friends can hear your shouting, you’ve got no choice but to figure out how to escape the haunted house!

Five worksheets (testing intervals, ledger lines, working out finger numbers, legato vs ties, staccato vs dotted notes, and accidentals) and each worksheet takes you one step closer to escaping the haunted house!


A certificate is included to congratulate students’ on escaping!



This bingo style game sees playing identifying major chords in order to cover up spaces on their pumpkin boards. First to cover up all the spaces and shout BOONGO is the winner!



This Snakes and Ladders style game sees players identifying ledger line notes in both treble clef and bass clef, and moving to the correct lettered spaces (but watch out - the ghosts have been causing chaos and letters aren’t in the order you’d expect them to be!) 



Players move their way around the board by identifying the intervals on the question cards and moving accordingly (for example, if the interval is a 4th, they move 4 spaces). Some ghosts are friendly, but some ghosts are mean! 



We all recognise the piece ‘In The Hall of the Mountain King’ but what if we kept the rhythm and changed the notes? Let’s find out in this activity!


Nine adorable ghost characters have 20 pumpkins each. Allocate a ghost to each student and decide on your ‘pumpkin rules’ - what a student has to do to earn a pumpkin. 

You can choose things like ‘if you play your piece and I can tell you’ve practiced this week’, ‘every time you complete a new piece’, ‘if you can answer a theory question’ - whatever you want! More suggestions are included in the download, but it’s up to you to tailor the pumpkin rules to suit your studio. 

You can also decide what the pumpkins mean. Again, you can tailor it to your studio, but suggestions include things like ‘when you reach 20 pumpkins you win a prize’, ‘first to 10 pumpkins wins a prize’ or ‘when you reach 5 pumpkins you can request a game or new piece’. 



To keep with the ghost theme,, I’ve also included the ghost characters on playing pieces you can print, cut, fold, and use in the ghost games! 


If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to send me a message! 


Escape the Haunted House | Music Escape Room, 3 Games, Incentive Sheets + More!


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