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London Calling Bundle

Are you looking for a fun music theory activity pack for your beginner / late beginner students? Check our this pack of London themed music activities (complete with a Music Escape Room!) This pack is also perfect for celebrating the Queen's Jubilee, or learning about London. 
Included In The Digital Download
- Music Escape Room Puzzle 'Escape The Tower' (and answer sheets)
- 6 London themed music games
- 4 London themed music activities 
- Playing pieces 
- 50+ Question Cards 

Music Escape Room Puzzles 'Escape The Tower' 
Alfie the Cat has been invited to perform in a Royal Concert, but the morning of the concert he got lost and wound up trapped in the Tower of London! Can you help Alfie escape the tower in time for his performance? 

Answer sheets are included. 

Music Theory Includes:
- Note Reading (Both treble and bass clef) 
- Rhythms 
- Note Values 

There is also a version that only includes piano notes

- Finger numbers (both hands) 
- Piano notes
- Note and rest values
- Treble Clef note reading
- Bass Clef note reading 

Improvisation activity where students are given the titles of the pieces in the Royal Concert to then create what they think the piece would sound like 

- Listening activity where teachers test the students' ability to determine if notes are higher/lower, and if melodies are happy/sad 

- Drawing activity where students read the musical names of the London guards and draw the matching symbols on their hats 

- Rhythm activity where students draw the correct rhythms on the drinks orders in the London café 

- 8 playing pieces you can print out on card and fold to create London themed playing pieces 

London Calling Bundle

  • You are welcome to use this resource with as many students in your studio as you'd like (even if you're a multi-teacher studio)

    You're also welcome to email the PDFs to students for them to use at home.

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