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Love Cats Bundle + Extra Question Cards

😻 Reinforce your students' understanding of treble clef notes with this bundle of super cute cat themed games! 
Plus, with theme love theme, these games are purrfect for Valentine's Day! 

👉 This bonus bundle includes bass clef question cards and piano key question cards  meaning...

  • Each game can be played three times with a different set of question cards each time
  • Each game can be played with students of different levels (perfect if you have a sibling pair where one is a beginner and one is slightly more advanced) 
  • Each game can be played with different students who are different levels 


Cats and Teacups
This Snakes and Ladders style game sees players climbing up cats and falling down teacups. 
To know which space to move to, players identify the note on the question card. 

Love Cats
This Bingo style games sees players trying to be the first to cover up all the spaces on their board. Spaces are covered up as note reading cards are identified. 

Lovely Cats
This board game sees players racing to be the first player to reach the end! To know how many spaces to move, players identify the note on the question card and refer to the grid to see how many spaces to move. 

The Things We Love 
Players are given the challenge to work out this adorable bunch of cats' favourite things! 



- Instructions for how to play each game 
- Colourful boards

- Treble Clef question cards with each game file
- Bonus file of question cards - bass clef notes and piano keys 
- Tokens 
- Playing pieces to print, cut, and fold 

Love Cats Bundle + Extra Question Cards


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