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Online Games With Little (Or No) Resources

These Online Games With Little (Or No) Resources are perfect for helping you add some fun and laughter into your online piano lessons! 


These quirky games require very little (or no) preparation, and are easy to play in online lessons.


This instant download includes instructions 6 games: 

  • Piano Race (and cards)
  • I Went To The Shops (and useful list)
  • Last Note Loser
  • My Note, Your Note
  • What Happened There?
  • What Am I Playing? (and picture sheet)

    PSST! If you want to read about how to use physical music games in your online lessons, click here. 

Online Games With Little (Or No) Resources

  • You are welcome to use this resource with as many students in your studio as you'd like (even if you're a multi-teacher studio)

    You're also welcome to email the PDFs to students for them to use at home.

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    Thank You! 

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