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Piano Full Of Love | Note Recognition Game

Do you want to test your beginner students' note reading skills this Valentine's Day? Check out 'Piano Full of Love'! 


  • Players take it in turns to roll the dice and move around the board 
  • They identify the note on the new space they land on 
  • They then look at their piano board and add one of their tokens to the piano key that matches the note they've landed on (for example if they've landed on a treble clef 'B' they cover up the B key on the piano) 

If they've already placed a token on that key, they do nothing and turn moves to the next player

  • Play continues until one player has a token on each of their 7 piano keys 


  • Instructions for How To Play 'Piano Full Of Love' 
  • Two colourful boards: Treble Clef version and Bass Clef version 
  • Piano boards
  • Heart tokens (but you can use your own counters if you want) 
  • Playing pieces to print, cut, and fold 

Piano Full Of Love | Note Recognition Game


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