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3 Different Ways To Play "We All Scream For Ice Cream"

Have you ever finished a music game with a student only for them to ask, "Can we play it again?" You check the clock. There isn't really enough time to start anything new, and it would be great to get them practicing note-reading again... "Okay, but we're going to mix things up a bit and play it differently." This game, We All Scream For Ice Cream, is great for this! I've outlined a few different ways of playing it below, but I reckon you can come up with even more ways yourself - ask your students too (they love coming up with new rules for games!)

Uniscoop Symphony

(I asked ChatGPT to create some musical-sounding ice creams to use as headings - what do you think?!)

1) Lay out the ice cream cones.

2) Your student chooses the first cone and identifies the piano key marked with a star.

3) They then find the 4 ice cream scoops with the same note - two bass clefs and two treble clefs.

The exception is 'C' as there are actually 6 scoops, but if you want four you can omit the highest and lowest 'C's. 4) Add the correct spoon to mark the ice cream as correct.

Melodic Swirls

1) Present your student with one ice cream cone.

2) They identify the piano key marked with a star.

3) Their challenge is to create a 6-scoop ice cream, with each scoop continuing the musical alphabet.

For example, if the ice cream cone is 'C', the first scoop must be a 'D,' then an 'E' etc Scoops can either be treble clef or bass clef

Minty Melodioso

Would absolutely try this flavour!

1) Create seven 4-scoop ice creams with random scoops on top.

2) Put 2 minutes on the timer (you can change the time depending on the level of your student)

3) Your student then has that amount of time to fix any mistakes in the ice creams, replacing the incorrect scoops with the correct scoops.

4) When you spot a correct ice cream, place the letter spoon to mark one point.

5) When the time is up, count up the correct ice creams and see how many points they won!

Symphonic Swirls

*You will need a large space for this one!* 1) Place the 'B' cone down 2) Tell your student to create The Biggest Ice Cream Ever by placing the scoops in order, starting with the lowest bass clef C (which is why we're starting with the 'B' cone) and finishing with the highest treble clef C!

+ You could time your student and see how quickly they can create the scoop. You could even have a studio-wide mini-competition to see who can create The Biggest Ice Cream Ever in the quickest time!

Bonus: Ice Cream Is Better With Friends

One way to play this game in a group lesson is to... 1) Give each student an ice cream cone. 2) Remove the lowest C and highest C and scatter the scoops over the table/floor. 3) Ready, steady...Go! The race is on to see who can correctly create their 4-scoop ice cream the quickest!

Hopefully, you're feeling inspired to play We All Scream For Ice Cream in different ways - let me know if you and your students come up with more ways to play!

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