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Snowball Fight | Note Reading Winter Game

Do you want a fun way to test your students' note reading skills this winter? 

Check out 'Snowball Fight'! 



-Both players choose a letter (or letters) to be their 'snowball letter' 
-They place their playing piece on their respective places (cat on the cat, dog on the dog). 

-As quickly as possible the note recognition cards are identified.

-Every time someone's snowball letter appears, they move forwards one space (successful snow ball hit) and the opposing player moves backwards one space (they were hit by a snowball). 
-Play continues until one player reaches the end and has therefore won the snowball fight!



- Instructions for How To Play 'Snowball Fight' 

- Colourful board with full background

- Colourful board with no background 

- Playing pieces 

- Snowball letter cards 

- Note reading cards (treble clef, bass clef, and piano notes) 

Snowball Fight | Note Reading Winter Game


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